October 13, 2021 Board Highlights

Central Okanagan Public Schools – “Inside 23”:

  1. Placing Students at the Center of Numeracy
    In attendance from Canyon Falls Middle School:
    Carson Tonn, Acting Vice-Principal
    Christina Hidalgo, Teacher
    Sydney Hertz, Teacher
    A video was shown “Growing Mathematical Competencies at Canyon Falls Middle School”. The video
    displayed how teacher, Sydney Hertz, and the learners in her Grade 6-8 Learning Community, began the
    year by exploring mathematical competencies and mindsets.


  1. Kate Cook, Human Resources Manager
    In attendance: Bob McEwen, Executive Director of Human Resources
    The Board of Education welcomed Kate Cook, Human Resources Manager, to the District.
  2. School Bus Safety Awareness Week – October 18 – 22, 2021
    The Central Okanagan Board of Education declared the week of October 18th through 22nd as ‘School Bus Safety Awareness Week’ in Central Okanagan Public Schools.
    Action Items:
  3. Annual Cap Review – International Students at École Kelowna Secondary School
    The Board of Education agreed to a cap of 50 FTE of international students at École Kelowna Secondary
    School for 2022-2023. Also, the Board of Education will annually review the cap on international students
    by mid-October for as long as the capacity issues at École Kelowna Secondary School persist.
  4. Annual Enhancing Student Learning Report – September 2021
    The Board of Education approved the Central Okanagan Public Schools first Annual Enhancing Student
    Learning Report – September 2021 which is a requirement of the Ministry of Education. The report meets
    the legislative requirements indicated in the Enhancing Student Learning Reporting Order. The Report
    further describes the Board’s current approach to continuous improvement of student achievement. The
    data within the Report indicates that most of the District’s performance results are at or above provincial
    averages. The achievement data further supports the Board’s strategic directions and the current
    intervention strategies for numeracy and early literacy. The implementation of the reporting requirements
    of the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning will replace the annual Superintendent’s Report on
    Student Achievement that has been presented to the Board in June of each school year.
    The approved Annual Report will be forwarded to the Ministry of Education and posted on the School
    District website.
  5. Vaccination Mandate
    The Board of Education distributed a News Release late in the afternoon of October 13th titled “Board
    Reviewing Implications of Vaccine Mandate”. The News Release can be viewed on the School District
    website at http://www.sd23.bc.ca/DistrictInfo/newsreleases/Pages/default.aspx#/=.
    The Board of Education passed the following Motion:
    THAT: The Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools/CEO to prepare a comprehensive
    report on any effects of a potential vaccine mandate for staff.
    The Board of Education agreed to write a letter to Premier Horgan, the Ministry of Education and the
    Provincial Health Officer regarding our expectation that any mandate for staff vaccines would have been a
    provincial decision in a provincial health order and that they would cover any costs.
    Information Items:
  6. Superintendent’s Emergent Issues
     This afternoon outside of Rutland Middle School there was an anti-mask and anti-vaccine protest. Due
    to interactions between students and the protestors, the RCMP were on site.
    The Board of Education reviewed the following:
  7. Level 4 and 5 Field Study Summary – 2021/2022
  8. General Statement – September 29, 2021
  9. Okanagan Mission Catchment and School Reopening Review – Update
  10. Westside Catchment and French Immersion Programming Review – Update
    The preliminary survey results were reviewed for both the Okanagan Mission Catchment and School
    Reopening Review and the Westside Catchment and French Immersion Programming Review.
    Considerations will be presented at the Planning and Facilities Committee Meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 and public engagement sessions are planned for late November 2021.
  11. District Student Council 2021-2022
    The Board of Education congratulated the students who comprise the 2021-2022 District Student Council.
    Items of Special Mention
    The Board Chair and Superintendent of Schools/CEO spoke of the following:
     Congratulations to Trustee Chantelle Desrosiers on her interview posted in the back to school issue of
    the Capital Planner newsletter. The Capital Planner is a newsletter which explores perspectives on
    business and financial management, using an interdisciplinary approach. Trustee Desrosiers answered
    questions on the size of the District, unique challenges, advantages, Board cohesion, the operating
    budget and Ministry funding, trends in education, and COVID-19 and the start of the school year.
     Administrators and school teams were congratulated on their planning for a successful Administrative
    Implementation Day on Friday, October 8, 2021 with a strong focus on Truth and Reconciliation. Guest
    presenters included Kevin Lamoureux, Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Affairs at the University
    of Winnipeg, and Anona Fawn Kampe, a member of the Penticton Indian Band.
     Teachers and staff from throughout the Central Okanagan will be participating in the Teacher
    Professional Day on Friday, October 22nd. The theme this year is BALANCE: Personal and Professional
    Equilibrium with the keynote speaker Mary Gordon, an award-winning social entrepreneur, educator,
    best-selling author, parenting expert, and child advocate who has created an international children’s
    charity, Roots of Empathy. Thirty-nine sessions will be offered with a broad range of subject areas and
    self-care offerings. The Superintendent expressed appreciation to the leadership of the COTA for their
    efforts in organizing the professional day activities.

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