February 23, 2022 Board Highlights

Inside 23

  1. Gateway Program
    Participating by Zoom:
    Staff: Randy Horne, Director of Instruction – Inclusive Education
    Nathen Elliott, Acting Principal, Central School Programs & Services
    Rob Law, Teacher, Central School Programs & Services
    Central School Programs & Services, in partnership with Okanagan College, continues to support its
    students through the Gateway Program. The Gateway Program, which includes a ten-week trade sampler
    at Okanagan College, ensures the necessary supports are in place to provide the opportunity for all
    participants to successfully graduate, transition to college, or apprenticeships, and pursue a sustainable
    career in the trade sector.
    Action Items:
  2. Annual Facility Grant (AFG) Plan for 2022/2023 through 2027/2028
    The Board of Education approved the Annual Facility Grant Plan for 2022/2023 through 2027/2028. The
    Board of Education further agreed to advocate for additional funding for the Annual Facility Grant.
    Information Items:
    The Board of Education reviewed the following:
  3. Level 4 and 5 Field Study Summary – 2021/2022
  4. General Statement – February 9, 2022
  5. The Universal Need for Universal Wellness through Universal Washrooms Presentation
  6. Suspension Summary Report: 2015-2016 to 2020-2021
    Items of Special Mention
    The Board Chair and the Superintendent of Schools/CEO spoke of the following:
  • Due to the COVID-19/Omicron pandemic, the annual BGC Okanagan Pink Shirt Day Breakfast, which has
    previously been attended by senior and school staff, was once again reimagined to a Pink Shirt Day Breakfast in a Box Virtual Kick-Off with the theme “Lift Each Other Up”. The Central Okanagan Board of Education was a sponsor of the event.
  • Students and staff throughout the District celebrated the 15th Annual Harmony Day with a little innovation and a lot of heart on Wednesday, February 16th. Thank you to everyone throughout the District involved in the Harmony Day activities and a special thank you to Leigh-Ann Yanow, Harmony Day Chair, as well all of the other members of the Harmony Day Committee.
  • On Friday, February 18th, the Central Okanagan Teachers’ Association and CUPE Local 3523 held their
    professional development days. The theme of COTA’s Pro-D Okanagan Zonal Virtual Conference was
    “Supporting Diversity”. Through the efforts of Barb Huva, COTA Pro-D Chair, and the zonal Pro-D Day
    Chairs, various guest speakers and presenters were enjoyed by teachers and support staff. Thank you to
    the CUPE Pro-D Co-organizers Luke Campbell and Graham Johnson.
  • Okanagan Mission Secondary School held their Grad Variety Show and silent auction at the Kelowna
    Community Theatre last night. The event is the main fundraiser for their grad and dry grad events. The
    entertainment was provided by all students and included music, dance, a thrifted fashion show, skits, game shows, audience participation, humor and some very touching moments.

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