About Julia

Collaborative * Committed * Caring

Julia has a passion for all aspects of being a school trustee. She is committed to preparing for incamera, public board meetings and all committee meetings she chairs and attends. She looks forward to being a part of the school community conversations that are part of her liaison schools. During the days, she enjoys attending Remembrance Day ceremonies, school concerts and other events. In the evenings, she takes in events such as various plays, music concerts or sports events. In the past, a highlight every year is providing greetings from the Board at Graduation commencements, her liaison school and Indigenous graduation. She is especially proud of the students from Central School that graduate in the trades from Okanagan College and students that graduate in the trades from BCIT. A special treat is to witness the success of students at TedX Talks, IGen Presentations or the Science Fairs at UBCO. She always enjoys meeting and collaborating with all of our partner groups – District Student Council, COPAC, COTA, CUPE, and COPVPA. Another highlight in the past has been giving out certificates at the Retirement Banquets, giving out pins at the Years of Service and welcoming new staff at events. It really brings her joy to take part in a District Student Council meeting and witness a future generation of caring and involved citizens. She also enjoys attending the COPAC meetings to hear what parents have to say about what is happening in schools. The past eight years, she has valued being a part of Health Promoting Schools Committee and hearing about all the mental health initiatives, food programs, etc happening in schools to help our students be healthy learners.

I always enjoy meeting and collaborating with all of our partner groups – District Student Council, COPAC, COTA, CUPE, and COPVPA.


Along with her husband of 33 years who is a retired teacher and high school aged daughter, Julia resides in Kelowna. When she is not doing the rewarding duties of a school trustee, she enjoys spending time with her family and boating, camping, travelling, scuba diving, and skiing. She enjoy cooking and baking and will try new recipes all the time. Kayaking is relaxing for her on Okanagan Lake, Egan Lake or Birch Bay. Her Boston Terrier keeps her active with walks and her cat keeps her grounded with all the cuddles. She enjoys gardening flowers in the front yard and enjoys growing tomatoes, cucumbers and fruit in the backyard.