Julia’s Promise to You!


She is motivated to ensure that all stakeholders in the education system have an opportunity to express their opinions.  As a parent of a student in Kelowna, she is a strong advocate for all schools in the Central 828_1477543832742 Okanagan Public School District. She is a proponent of proper, district wide community consultations and she attends them all throughout the district.  She wants to hear what you have to say.  Julia has told COPAC that after hearing what they had to say on a particular issue, she changed her vote after considering their input. She attended all of the Community Consultations for:  School Bussing Transportation, French Immersion catchment reviews, Catchment Reviews for the Mission in Kelowna, Catchment Reviews for the Westside Schools, 10 Year Long Term Facility Plan, and, Strategic Plan.  She believes in the Consultation Process and communicating out the process, dates and times to all parents, staff and the public is vital in order to receive the input necessary to make sound decisions.  Although, these important issues can be emotionally charged, Julia makes decisions that are evidence based and with the students at the center of each decision.


I will continue to provide quality public education, in the context of being publicly accountable and responsible:

1. Enable each student to reach their individual potential

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  • Prepare students for life and work – an educated person;
  • Offer differentiated instruction in the classroom to accomodate the needs of each student;
  • Provide support for special needs students;
  • Create programs of choice to take advantage of high motivation.

2. Advocate for stable, adequate and predictable funding a a clip_image002

  • Provide a quality, uninterrupted education for students;
  • Provide teachers with the necessary resources for teaching and professional development;
  • Engage the community and stakeholders, and take political action as needed.

3. Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment

How To Build Successful Teams With 8 Collaborative Approaches

  • Support parents’ as advocates in their children’s education;
  • Support PAC’s in representing the interests of parents and students;
  • Welcome and encourage stakeholder and community involvement;
  • Provide stewardship for the School District to create & maintain a green environment.