Role of School Boards

School Boards have a duty to govern districts and their schools in accordance with specified powers in a fiscally responsible and cost effective manner.

They have a responsibility to:
* ensure that schools provide students with opportunities for a quality education; to set education policies that reflect the aspirations of the community and that are consistent with overall provincial guidelines;
* provide leadership and encouragement to schools and the community; to cooperate with the community and social service agencies in the delivery of non-educational support services to students;
* focus on the following areas of district concern:
implementation of provincial and local education programs;
school finance and facilities;
student access and achievement;
teaching performance;
accountability to parents, taxpayers, the community and to the Province.
In addition, Boards of Education in British Columbia are granted the following responsibilities by the Provincial Government:

  • Sets goals for the School District, ensuring education stays in step with today’s world;
  • Plans for the School District, setting principles for the system in light of community wishes, available resources, and sound educational practice;
  • Adopts an annual budget for the school system;
  • Develops policy to guide the administration and employees toward School District goals;
  • Works to ensure education is a top public priority and to make the community aware of the School District’s achievements;
  • Gathers information to make sound decisions;
  • Hears final appeals from parents/guardians and students;
  • Delivers an annual district Achievement Contract to the Minster of Education; and
  • Lobbies all levels of government on behalf of public education in our region.

* Source: Information provided to candidates for the Office of School Trustee by School District No. 23.

School Act
Excerpt: Statement of Education Policy Order


Composition of the Central Okanagan Board of Education


School District Map
The Board of Education for School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) comprises seven Trustees:

  • Four Trustees are elected from the City of Kelowna
  • One Trustee is elected from the District of West Kelowna
  • One Trustee is elected from Zone I (District of Lake Country and Central Okanagan East Electoral Area)
  • One Trustee is elected from Zone II (The Corporation of the District of Peachland, Central Okanagan West Electoral Area of the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, Tsinstikeptum Indian Reserve 9, and Tsinstikeptum Indian Reserve 10)

* Source: Information provided to candidates for the Office of School Trustee by School District No. 23.

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