September 24, 2014 Board Highlights

1. Introduction of New Principals/Vice-Principals and new Central Okanagan School Business Officials (COSBO) Members
  • David Johnson, Vice-Principal, Springvalley Elementary School
  • Michelle Kaupp, Vice-Principal, George Pringle Elementary School
  • Michelle Relova, Vice-Principal, Davidson Road Elementary School
  • Nathalie Messent, Homestay Coordinator (KSS, GESS, SMS, and Dr. Knox)
  • Olivia Zhao, Homestay Coordinator (RSS and OKM)
Moyra Baxter, Chairperson of the Board of Education, made the following Proclamations:
WHEREAS: The major goal of the Canadian Student Leadership Conference is to enhance the leadership skills of Canadian students;
WHEREAS: The Canadian Student Leadership Conference provides an annual opportunity for students from across Canada to come together to learn more about leadership;
WHEREAS: The Canadian Student Leadership Association and the Central Okanagan School District are hosting the 30th Annual Canadian Student Leadership Conference from September 23, 2014 to September 27, 2014;
WHEREAS: This year’s conference will inspire students across Canada to take action to improve
their schools and communities and foster HOPE;
I, Moyra Baxter, Chairperson of the Board of Education for School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan), do hereby proclaim it to be:
The Central Okanagan Board of Education declares October 6 – 10, 2014 as “International Walk to School Week” in School District No. 23.
1. School Opening Report – Part 1
The Superintendent presented the School Opening Report – Part 1. This report covers the time period of September 22 to 24, 2014 and provides an update regarding the first days of the school year. Schools in the District reported busier than usual start-ups this year due to the late start and the challenges with not being able to process all the registrations and course/program requests during the traditional registration week. Schools staffs also reported the positive energy that came from the return of students after the extended break.
To date the majority of schools appear to be coming in reasonably close to their projected enrolment numbers, although there is more variation this year than in previous years. Most schools in the District have reported losing a number of students to other educational providers (independent schools, on-line programs or to home schooling). As of September 24, 2014, 216 students who were previously registered in School District No. 23 schools have selected alternate means of getting their education. It remains to be seen whether the District recovers some of these students in the days and weeks to come. Overall, it is anticipated that the District will experience a modest overall increase in enrolment over last year. Obviously, this number would have been greater had there not been a late start to the year.
The labour disruption in the BC Public School system has had a negative impact on the Central Okanagan School District International Education Program. As a result, we have had students and agents choosing programs in other provinces and other countries and we have not realized the growth we had anticipated. The Welcome Centre for the School District helped settle 160 students and their families into the Central Okanagan schools and community over the past year.
Three major capital projects were scheduled for completion this summer: the new Mar Jok Elementary School, the Okanagan Mission Secondary School addition, and the George Elliot Secondary School annex.
The School Opening Report – Part 2 will be presented at the Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Public Board meeting.
Action Items:
1. Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2013/2014
The Board of Education received and approved the Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Year 2013/2014. The fiscal and accounting processes were once again found to be comprehensive and appropriate.
2. Constable Neil Bruce Middle School – Daimler Road Parking – Interim Safety Improvements
The Board of Education agreed to send a letter to the District of West Kelowna commending the work done on improving safety and traffic congestion concerns at Constable Neil Bruce Middle School, reiterating that, per the Board’s letter of March 14, 2014, capital assistance for off-site roadways and sidewalks is beyond the Central Okanagan School District’s financial ability and mandate, and advising that staff will continue to assess the situation.
Information Items:
1. Superintendent’s Emergent Issues
The Superintendent reported on the following:
  • Staff members have delayed bringing forward the 2014-2015 work plan because of the late start to the school year. However, this plan will be coming forward at an upcoming Public Board meeting.
  • We are seeing more balanced student enrolments in West Kelowna between Shannon Lake Elementary School (402), Rose Valley Elementary School (317), and the new Mar Jok Elementary School (406).
  • District staff plan to attend PAC meetings in Lake Country this fall to seek input on the reconfiguration of school boundaries in Lake Country.
  • District staff are also continuing to review the French Immersion program and the possible opening of an additional French Immersion middle school program.
  • Community consultation sessions will be scheduled to engage the Rutland community in discussions regarding the timing of implementing the District’s approved Grade Configuration (grades 1-5, 6-8, and 9-12) in the Rutland area.
The following items were reviewed by the Board:
1. School District No. 23 (Central Okanagan) 2013/2014 Public Sector Executive Compensation Report
2. BCSTA Strategic Plan 2014-2015
3. General Statement