May 22, 2013 Board Highlights

1. 38th Annual Kelowna Civic and Community Awards – May 1, 2013
The Board of Education recognized and congratulated the following for being awarded a Kelowna Civic and Community Award:
  • Young Male Citizen of the Year Eli McAlpine, Gr. 12, Kelowna Secondary School
  • Male Athlete of the Year Rostam Turner, Gr. 12, Kelowna Secondary School
  • Bryan Couling Team of the Year OKM Secondary School Senior Boys Soccer Team
  • Bob Giordano Memorial Award Hal Hennenfent, Teacher – Glenrosa Middle School
  • Champion for the Environment Michael
  • Ross, Teacher – OKM Secondary School
2. 14th Annual Rotary Club of Kelowna/School District No. 23 Public Speaking Contest – May 7, 2013
The Board of Education recognized and congratulated the following students for their placement at the 14th Annual Rotary Club of Kelowna/School District No. 23 Public Speaking Contest:
Grade 6
  • 1st Place – Amelia Brooker, Anne McClymont Elementary School
  • 2nd Place – Isis Darosa, Anne McClymont Elementary School
  • 3rd Place – Caleb Agno, Davidson Road Elementary School
Grade 7
  • 1st Place – Sydney Ingram, Dorothea Walker Elementary School
  • 2nd Place – Sierra Burns, Dorothea Walker Elementary School
  • 3rd Place – Helena Liegmann, KLO Middle School
Dennis Campbell received a certificate on behalf of the Kelowna Rotary Club (Downtown), which was recognized for its commitment to partnering with the District to organize and support the annual public speaking contest.
Action Items:
1. Board Standing Committee Reports – Distribution Timeframe
The Board of Education passed the following motion:
THAT: The timeframe for the distribution of Board Standing Committee Incamera and/or Public Draft Meeting Reports to appropriate committee members is within 30 days of the meeting (recognizing that this may not be possible during scheduled school district breaks).
Information Items:
The following items were reviewed by the Board:
1. Superintendent’s Emergent Issues
A Focus Group meeting will occur at OKM Secondary School (with parent representatives from allfeeder schools) on May 23rd, 2013 to continue the discussion of school organization for the Mission area in the coming years.
2. Review of Policy 425 and 425R (Regulations) “Student Fees”
The Board of Education authorizes the charging of fees for certain items as outlined in Policy 425 “Student Fees”. The Policy and Regulation on “Student Fees” are to be reviewed on an annual basis along with a standardized schedule of fees charged by the District. The fees charged by the Central Okanagan School District remain unchanged for the upcoming year, and can be divided into the following four categories:
Standard Fees
– Refer to Optional Activity and Cultural Fees which provide optional cultural performance opportunities that are made available through the schools for the benefit of students. The 2013-14 Standard Fees are:
  • Elementary – $10
  • Middle/Secondary – $30
  • Transportation Fees
– To recover a portion of the cost to transport students to and from school as per Policy 470 “Transportation Services Management”. Next year’s fees are as follows:
  • 1 child $112
  • 2 children $224
  • 3 children $286
  • 4+ children $350
Academy Fees
– To support academies at middle and secondary schools that have been approved as part of the substantive change process.
Goods and Services Fees
– Vary by school depending upon the offerings. These include, but are not limited to, yearbooks, uniforms, fieldtrips, musical instrument rentals and graduation ceremonies. All elementary schools offer an elementary supply package that will provide for personal school supplies throughout the year.
The charges presented will continue to be collected by schools in September 2013. The District’s financial hardship policy will apply to all fees.
3. Board Authorized Courses
Sandra Smith, Board Authorized Course Coordinator, Student Certification Branch, Ministry of Education, clarified that the Board Authorized Course designation can only be offered after the course is approved by the Board, and not for course work completed prior to Board approval.