September 10, 2014 Board Highlights

1. School Opening Report – Part 1
The Superintendent declared that there would be no school opening report due to the ongoing labour dispute. This report will be presented once the school year is underway.
Action Items:
1. Approval of the Establishment of the Mar Jok Elementary School Parent Advisory Council
The Board of Education approved the application from the Mar Jok Elementary School parents for the establishment of the Mar Jok Elementary School Parent Advisory Council in accordance with Section 8 of the BC School Act.
2. Amendments to Policy 140 – School Board Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, and Policy 146 – General Affairs Committee
The Board of Education approved the amendments to Policy 140 – School Board Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Policy 146 – General Affairs Committee.
3. Amendments to Policy 115 – Inaugural and Annual Board Meetings, Policy 145 – Coordinating
Committee, Policy 150 – Education and Student Services Committee, Policy 155 – Planning and Facilities Committee, Policy 160 – Finance and Legal Committee, Policy 165 – Human Resources and Staff Services Committee, and Policy 190 – Trustee Expenses The Board of Education approved the amendments to the Policies noted above to reflect the change in the trustee term of service from 3 to 4 years.
Information Items:
1. Update on Labour Situation
  • The Board of Education agreed to write a letter endorsing the BCSTA Advocacy Update of September 9, 2014, in particular appealing to both sides to move beyond their current position to make meaningful and real concessions with the assistance of a mediator.
  • The Board of Education agreed to write a letter to the government regarding the makeup of the BCSPSEA Board of Directors, advocating for the reinstatement of the original Board of Directors as existed previously, with the original number of Trustees sitting on the Board.
2. Superintendent’s Emergent Issues
The Superintendent reported on the following:
  • Canadian Student Leadership Conference: For the past three years, the District has been preparing to host the 2014 Canadian Student Leadership Conference which is scheduled to be held from Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 to Saturday, September 27th, 2014. Over 700 students and teachers from across Canada will be attending this leadership conference. As a result of the current labour dispute, the District is challenged to host events at local schools. As such, the Superintendent will be writing a letter to the President of the BCTF, Jim Iker, requesting that KSS be exempt from pickets so that the conference can be held there. As well, the District will request that pickets be removed from the Dease Road Operations site, enabling bus transportation for student delegates. District staff are also in the process of sending out a News Release to the media regarding the need for billets and additional volunteers to support this national student leadership conference. The Superintendent reiterated that he recognizes this is a challenging time to host this event and requests understanding from all parties of the need to honour the commitment that was made.
The following items were reviewed by the Board:
1. Reporting Expectations for Strike Savings
The Secretary-Treasurer discussed the recent expanded reporting requirements from the government on all savings incurred by the current labour dispute.
2. Trustee Handbook – Update
3. Kelowna Art Gallery – Year-End Report
4. Eye See…..Eye Learn Program
The British Columbia Association of Optometrists (BCAO) have partnered to provide an eye examination and free prescription eyeglass program called “Eye See . . . Eye Learn”, for all Kindergarten children in the Central Okanagan School District.
5. Trustee Attendance – COPAC Meetings September to December 2014
6. Month End Enrolment – June 2014
7. Field Trips 2014/2015
8. General Statement